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    Someone-kun no sakuhin

    Geez~ posting my art works here is kinda embarrassing! I'm shy! there are tons of fellas here with great hands of creation, and putting my works next to those pretty shameful for me. hehe! sorry for not having much confident. haha! however, I'm pretty confident that my works are not the least if compared to some who have threads here. some fellas who have threads in here have, well, I don't wanna be mean so let's just call is NOT_NICE. but those two two combined words are not enough to describe my opinion but, anyway never mind. those NOT_NICE art works has nothing to d with my works.

    YOSH! this will be the first three.

    you can also see those three on my profile. that is my OC. I tried to illustrate the story on my mind where that OC belongs but, I thought that, IT was very hard to illustrate a mecha manga traditionally so I gave up. IT"S TOO PAINFULL! but some day when the right time comes, where I already have my own computer for drawing, I will draw it!
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