A few days ago, I realized the huge gap between manga and realism - maybe since I never really took too many opportunities to draw realism - but I've decided to just go at realism for a while, and I think everyone here should try drawing nothing but realism for a week. You might ask me why, and before you do, the answer is simple: try applying it to manga. Besides that, I want to try painting as well, mainly because I painted one time and it came out pretty well. I, as usual, encourage everyone to try these styles, however I don't want anyone to lose their interest in manga. So here's a small challenge I prepared for myself, and for anyone who wants to try various styles of art:
Day 1: Cubism
Day 2: Shading/No outlines
Day 3: Abstract
Day 4: Realism
Day 5: Anatomy/No epidermis
Day 6: Realistic Animals/Fur
Day 7: 3 Dimensional/"Popping Toward You" Art
I wish whoever decides to work on this schedule luck, or even more, ability.