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Thread: Sinister - Chapter 4 pg 20-21 Oct 8th

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    Sinister - Chapter 4 pg 20-21 Oct 8th

    by Nyarlathotep

    Summary: Gray is a man with no emotions. And, apparently, a man possessed by a demon. He sets out to discover what's happening to him and how to defeat it.

    Reading it
    At the writing of this post, Sinister is approximately 49 pages long, give or take some extra pages. It is divided into chapters, and the easiest way to read it is on DrunkDuck.

    Sinister on DrunkDuck (Link goes to first page)

    I will be posting new pages here in this thread as well as on DrunkDuck, but I won't be dropping an image-bomb with the entire backlog.

    Et cetera
    Comments are very much welcome, as well as criticism - however I have to be honest: I pretty much never go back and change things in previous pages - instead, I rely on user input to determine what to do better in the future. I would like to go back and fix things, but any time I have for drawing I either waste reading stupid stuff on the internet or drawing new pages. It already takes me far too long to draw pages anyway - I've been drawing Sinister for a year and a half now. Don't bother doing the math, it's disappointing =P

    Thanks for reading!

    Page 49
    Apparently causes page stretching - wrapping with spoiler
    SPOILER! :

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