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Thread: What is your favourite Console?

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    tough choice...
    As much as i love my DS, i really would like to play some PS3 games.
    seen as it has a shitload of exclusives coming out this year...
    Twisted Metal, Resistance 3...
    On the other hand, the Xbox360 has some pretty awesome games too, such as the Gears of War series, Ninja Gaiden 2 (wich actually has blood on contradiction to Ninja Gaiden 2 SIGMA which only has jiggly tits...)
    Tough choice...

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    Oh, Baron; it's easy.. PC is the best (Ok, ok.. I admit >_<.. I never tried Xbox, wii, PS1/2/3) =P

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    PC is cool, I know that too. It have lots of great game too... (not to mention that you could do lots of things with it). The only problem that it's VERY expensive... and you need to constantly upgrade it too, to keep playing recent games (which is expensive thing to do too).

    I have to say more or less the same. Both consoles have great games that I really want to play, though I don't really know if some of those games are released for both consoles (I don't really follow the news nowadays).
    XBOX360: Vanquish, Gears of Wars 1/2, Mass Effects 1/2, GRAW, COD series (MW, Black Ops).
    PS3: KillZone 2/3, MGS4, Heavy Rain, God of War 3.

    Though I think right now, XBOX360 have better and more game library (since it's released earlier)... and it seems though lower in spec, the games are somewhat more stable (but less in graphics, obviously).

    In your opinion, which console have better exclusive games?
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