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Thread: no one draws manga on manga tutorials

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    Hold on. Doesn't this mean that Astro Boy is not manga? Since most of it was made before the official manga style even existed?

    This entire argument makes no sense. Not picking a bone with Apples still, I mean in a more general sense. This argument really has come up way too many times.

    Art is constantly evolving. The modern 'moe' style of manga and anime looks almost nothing like alot of work from the eighties.

    My point is, Manga is a really, really vague word.

    So if your art is vaguely Manga inspired, then...

    Well, you're good. :/

    Art is supposed to evolve. You are supposed to use your own style, not just unthinkingly ape somebody else's.

    So having somebody tell you what is and isn't allowed doesn't really serve a purpose at all.
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