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Thread: no one draws manga on manga tutorials

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    Quote Originally Posted by apples13 View Post
    but we don't see much of that either
    You can't have this argument two ways. It's either plenty of art, but not enough manga; or just plain not enough art at all.

    You've been arguing that there's plenty of art, but not enough manga.

    I just don't see how you can't realise that websites don't have to be 100% devoted to whatever they're advertising. It's not a porn site.
    All of us have discovered this site through a common goal, wanting to draw a particular art style better. We have grown to like the community and decided to stay to post on the forums. Our art styles have evolved over the years to something that suits us better. That's it.

    If there's not enough of what you're looking for, you don't have to be here. We're not here to cater to your needs specifically. We're here on our own agenda.

    EDIT: I'm actually being as nice as I can be as well. Just thought I should let you all know.
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