We've gone over the semantics of "manga" before on MT. It's just the Japanese word for "comic" but often refers to the fairly distinctive, if broadly-defined, style of art--and even that isn't a solid definition (see: Avatar: The Last Airbender is/is not an anime debates).

The manga/anime section sees its share of content--just not as frequently as the general discussion topics. Ram had a full 50-page chapter up at one point, which I proofread, but he sort of disappeared afterward. Sutari wrote a couple chapters of Claymaker, Gunzet did Triple-Flip, Evil Cake did Louise, Reg did one that I can't remember the title of at the moment, Sho recently did a series of short comics, and way back, I remember a thing called Solana that I was pretty interested in. I also tried my hand at a manga a couple times, but got frustrated at my lack of artistic skill both times and stopped two or three pages in.