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Thread: Warm and cold colors?!

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    Warm and cold colors?!

    So, I'm currently in a 2nd level drawing class and we've started using colors.

    However, my theory up until this point has been that the shading (or highlighting) of something is done with a darker or lighter shade of the middle tone.

    Apparently not. My art teacher (who paints and draws like an old master) was going on about using purples, reds, and yellows to create skin tone. It looked fantastic and realistic but I had NO idea what she meant. Cooler tones? Warmer tones? How do I recognize those when I'm drawing?


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    Cooler tones and Warm tones are just the general term to define colours. Cool colours are colours that are cooling to the eyes to look at like blue, purple, green, and warm colours are well...the opposite red, orange, yellow. Or something like that, Im a bit rusty with my colour theory @_@

    I think most of these are only applicable if the lighting demands it like if you are painting a portrait of a person under the blue sky, a lot of colours are going to be reflected off the surface of the skin creating different colours such as purple/blue/orange, etc.

    Ill try to give you an example when i get the chance, hopefully that helps you a bit xD

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    Here are some great tutorials about coloring skin and color theory:
    SPOILER! :

    This is my personal favorite references:
    SPOILER! :

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