I really like your answer AnimeRebel, and the answer from the OP is quite interesting.

My answers:

Why do I draw at all? and Why draw fantasy?
It has to do with my perspective on the real world I think. It seems to me that the real world is incredibly boring. Our forests aren't particularly amazing, they have tall trees, and some cool animals here and there-most of which are going extinct or already are. Our cities have bland cube buildings, fairly simple layouts. The stuff to do in this world is equally boring. People spend all day in traffic ques, talking to some duche about how to make more money or doing some dull unadventurous deal to make money, to spend on even more boring things. Even some of our more wonders aren't that great. Many of the cool places are either too hot or too cold for us to do anything in. We haven't the technology to get far enough under the sea for things to get interesting. We can hardly go anywhere in space, and when we do, we find more nothing. By contrast, drawings have no limits. Fantasy worlds can contain anything you want them to. Magical humans, giant creatures, lush forests, mystical caves, sci-fy technology, dragons, alternative species of men and so on. I like to think of all of my drawings as part of this big alternate fantasy world. When I draw in that world, everything interesting or fun, is possible. Like Piccaso said, anything you imagine, is real.

Why the materials I use, and in the style I use?
This question is less deep. When I started I was drawing manga using just pencil. Anybody who's been on MT since the dawn of time will remember 'Burnzeh'. That was me. I had no idea what style or what materials to use. But as I got more into the whole art scene, I gathered influences. A lot of my style choice is drawn from final fantasy art work and anime. Or at least, my early stuff was. These days I have a ton of influences, but I'm largely dominated by the old english illustrators. As for materials, I use ink and watercolor because I love Arthur Rackham's work, and that's what he uses. I use color pencil to color details because it's more controlled, and then I throw in anything else I think the drawing needs.

Now, if only I knew how to put a spoiler.