Why do you do what it is that you do? This is a question that the professor in this weird art theory class I'm taking has asked me and all of my classmates to think about this quarter. Why do we do what we do (in terms of art)? Why do we work in that material or with that subject matter and why do we do art in the first place? These are all really vague questions and require a large amount of introspection, but I think it is actually worth considering and talking about. So I'm creating a thread and asking this question to all of you. It's really open ended. Your answer (for it is subjective) might be as simple as "I do art because I want to!" and that is totally fine! It's also an answer that most likely changes a lot over time... I've been doing a lot of thinking and I'm going to put my tentative answer in spoilers. Fair warning, it may get long because I tend to ramble.


My immediate answer was "because I want to." I draw because I simply like to draw. However, the more I thought about it the more I decided that it wasn't because I "want" to but because I "need" to. Drawing or doing artistic things in general keeps me sane. It is stress relief and relief from boredom, and it lets me express myself. BUT as I thought about this even more - mainly thinking about what i choose to draw and what drawings inspire me - I realized that it's a little bit more than that. Most of the pieces that are inspirational to me are portraits or drawings of people in general. I draw because I love people... It's the same reason that I love psychology! I am obsessed with the mind and why we do things or act a certain way. I love learning about different emotions and the psychology behind each one just as much as I love learning about how children's brains develop. I am passionate about the mind, and it is why I love drawing portraits and people in subways... I am entranced by both the beauty of the mind, and the beauty of the way it is expressed in a person's face. Or at least, that is what I've decided for the time being.

tl;dr: I do what I do in terms of art both because I need to, and because I am obsessed with people.

So. Why do you do art?