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Thread: Lucifer's art underworld (now with NSFW)

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    Lucifer's art underworld (now with NSFW)

    Thought it was about time I should be coming back to drawing after like, two years, of not having drawn anything significant. Let me start of by the filling of this post with stuff I did long ago, because I do not wish to deprive you of pics and I fear one terribad WIP is not enough to save me from the voracious horde that is the MT Crowd.

    2008: The beginning (WARNING NSFW: TERRIBAD)
    SPOILER! :

    This was back when I still participated in the RPGs here on MT. This guy: John Preston (stolen from Equilibrium because I am a liar and a thief) was from Tales of Aeo. As you can see, my skills were terribad.

    2009: Slightly less terrible (but still god-awful)
    SPOILER! :

    I have no idea where this dude came from. Whilst I had become marginally better in the general anatomical feel of the body, I ran into my first major pain-in-the-pencil here: Cloth. More specifically: Folds. Oh how I hate(d) to draw that stuff. As you can see, the folds are chaotic and nonsensical.

    Also, I got a tablet this year. So this happened. My first endeavour into colouring... Whilst I was sort of proud of it at the beginning, I was quickly told (by the almighty Sutari) that my colours were hugging the edges too much, making the pic look flat. In retrospect, I agree a 100%.

    2010: I want to draw like Hirano Kouta
    SPOILER! :

    Recognize him? No? Sure you do, it's John Preston, the guy from two tags above. Lot's of differences 'ey?

    At this point in time I was watching and reading Hellsing. I love the way Kouta draws, so I started to try to mimic his style. The only part that I now recognize as being influenced by him is the nose... Oh well. Generally a bunch of improvements, but the proportions still suck.

    2011: The new MT (This can also be found buried waaay deep in the Critique Corner)
    SPOILER! :
    So I started dabbling about in digital painting.

    One of the early tries produced a robot, that at least looked like it didn't have to much of a mobility impairment

    And then...
    SPOILER! :

    Something I also viewed as my peek, something never to be reached again. Because yeah... I am melodramatic like that and have a genuine lack of self-worth.

    So with the more distant past behind us, let us focus on this (academic) year.
    SPOILER! :

    Remember Gunz's concept painting tutorials? That kinda got me going again, for a day...
    This produced generic sci-fi helmet man, yay! (Again, something I'll never finish).
    SPOILER! :

    EDIT: Whoops, almost forgot:
    SPOILER! :

    A watchtower/wall design I did for a friend of mine for his level.

    And today, I sat down with my sister and started drawing. It actually works having someone around to draw with and give feedback and keep you into drawing it. I plan on continuing these drawing sessions with her.
    Terribad Quality WIP shot:
    SPOILER! :

    Photo was made on my sister's Galaxy multimedia player (basically Samsung's iPod), in low light conditions, because grabbing a scanner was too much of a hassle

    Wow, end of monster post. Will be back later with more (hopefully finished) material.
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