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Thread: Knaapje's Chibi Portraits

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    Red face Knaapje's Chibi Portraits

    Hello there fellow Manga-maniacs,

    I've started working on some chibi drawings of my roommates and I, and I need some third party opinions and some advice. In the picture below, the one on the left is the style I'm working in and the one on the right is the one currently in progress, I need some advice on how to keep the one on the right in the same style.

    LAST UPDATED AT: 6-4-2012

    Thanks to everyone in advance!
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    Shameless self-bump, still need help with the chibi on the right. :/

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    They're pretty much both in the same style.

    Only glaring difference between the two is head size.

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    I've gotta agree with Seddy on the style.

    For the actual chibis themselves, they're very assymetrical. The feet are different sizes, the arms different lengths, the ears are different and all are SUPER long. Everything just looks very wobbly. Even though the right guy's arms are supposed to be moving, it just looks like he has four different arms (maybe because each of the four have completely different shapes). Also, I find it weird and uncomfortable that their feet are pointed straight out to the sides. I don't know about you, but when I stand like that is becomes painful.
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    Nice drawings! But you need to improve a bit.

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    They seem like similar styles to me, but I would work on breaking down the forms

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    Thanks everyone for the advice so far! I've improved the first chibi based on your advice (the only thing I still want to change about that one is the length of his arms).

    @ Scanten: First of all, thanks! But can you be a bit more specific on where to improve?
    @ Demonfyre: What do you mean with breaking down the forms?


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