Time to get out the feels, guys!

Who is your inspiration and why?

My personal inspiration is both my Mother and my Gran. My mum especially. My whole life she has been my rock, my guidance, my teacher. She has always given me freedom but reinforced boundaries. She let me discover my identity by making my own mistakes and taking my own paths. My mum is the one person who I want to be like. She's incredibly intelligent, caring, and has the patience of a saint. There is not a single bad bone in her body and i've probably only seen her get mad ONCE in my life. She's gone through many life threatening illnesses and every time she's remained strong and always worried more about me than herself.
When I was 12 she had to give up her dream job due to depression. My dad also left us. During this time I became her carer. I had to grow up and become her rock. I also developed anger issues, anxiety and worst of all, depression. Together we helped each other out, made sure we both didn't do anything stupid. We saved each other. My mother still suffers from depression to this day, but it is her determination and her passion to be strong that leaves me in awe. I still obey what little rules she has which include, 'No watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and no playing GTA.' I can confess to you all that I have indeed obeyed those rules to this day.

My other inspiration is my Gran who sadly passed away on the 3rd of February this year. My Gran was a crazy Belgian lady who came to Scotland during the 2nd World War. We have the exact same take no shit attitude and I remember going to her house to enjoy a good bitch together. She, like my mother went through many illnesses that threatened her life and through it all she remained dignified and strong. She was a well kept woman, you would NEVER see her without her hair done and her makeup on. My Gran loved her bling and fur, she was such a classy lady. The lesson I took from my Gran was 'If life fucks you over, hit it in the face with a high heel.'

Both my inspirations have made me the person I am today. I thank them both and I hope one day I will do them proud.

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say! I've opened up my soul to you guys, for once!