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Thread: GD: Obsolete?

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    I lurk and mod from afar but I am still here watching what happens.
    I will bust you or give you a chance to get back on topic with out handing out infractions.

    I don't know why everything in the GD is 100% OMG BRING YOUR RESEARCH OR GO HOME!!! When there is really nothing saying that all threads in the GD have to be like that. You can make a happy thread with a positive attitude that blues the lines if the GD and CB. Like a thread about why are people such suckers for puppies? It's ridiculous but if you are being serious and you want ONLY replies about why puppies are the best then I don't see why it can't stay here.
    The thread needs to be about something you actually want to talk about and not just have content thrown in because its random. The replies need to have something to do with the thread. If you post a picture or a video don't just say "relevant to thread." because half the time it's relevant to an off topic post in the thread.
    The topic of the thread can't change at whim. If there is a theme then that is fine and you may be topic jumping because there may be multiple aspects of that theme. By theme I mean like how we had the Science thread the psalm thread, the lgbtq thread. All of those were a central topic but they all cover a wide area to talk about because they are vast subjects with multiple interpretations and views.
    You can make a thread for news story's you have heard and want to discuss. Like the girl who was or will be flogged to death because she was raped (which is fucked up btw) can get its own thread OR it would qualify for the psalm thread because she's being punished for ridiculous religious views (my personal view anyhow).

    If you aren't sure if it can go here or would be a good thread to discuss you can ask me or other members. You can even just post it here and we can move it if needed. You will usually be given a chance to turn it into a discussion before I close or move a thread elsewhere.

    Also be mindful of the other categories we have of MT like video games and anime sections. A thread about Bioshock would be best in the video game section. A thread about the health risks of playing video games could go here or the video games section IMO.

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    Does anyone else notice the irony in this thread.

    I mean, come on. It's right there and no-one has commented on it.

    I personally find it amusing.
    i wake up every morning and brush my teeth with rainbows after i piss excellence and wash my face with glory


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