I've noticed that the state of threads posted in the General Discussion section of the board doesn't usually maintain its integrity past the first few posts. It's become increasingly obvious that, despite our sizable active userbase, the forum member simply don't care about serious discussion to keep threads from derailing within the first page. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but the fact remains that the one rule of the GD (Stay the hell on topic!) just doesn't stick throughout the threads as it used to. We could chalk it up to leniency on behalf of the moderators, but let's face it. Mods probably only want to enforce the rules if the majority agrees that it's necessary to adhere to the guidelines. Otherwise, when the majority agrees that cutting up and cracking jokes is the best course for the thread, they just don't really seem to give a damn.

Let's not get mistaken here, though, I'm not pinning the blame on the moderators, nor am I pinning it on the users. I truly believe that we've come to a point where we've run out of material to discuss. We all know each other well enough to feel comfortable joking around in a serious thread, and we've gone through enough content to keep debate teams arguing for months. Add to that the fact that many of us share very similar interests, and your field of discussion narrows. I feel like we've plunged through that narrow discussion range. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we've gone through everything known to man; that's absolutely ridiculous. I can't remember the last time we had a Mathematical Statistics thread or a post containing advanced formulas regarding black holes and cosmic dream-wonders, but none of us on here are really interested in all that. This is, at its purest, a social forum consisting of users who signed up for a.) promise of untold fortunes and/or b.) they fancy themselves an artist or an "otaku."

In conclusion, I do believe that ground has been firmly established in areas that pertain to common interests in the community and requires no further significant exploration or indulgence of these matters and issues. The General Discussions section has served its purpose, and it has served it well, but aside from the must-stay-on-topic threads such as WYLL and GB discusssion, it it no longer necessary as an integral part or attracting feature of the forum. The GD, in my humble opinion, is dead.