Not too long ago, I made a group on DA called #TheGiftGroup. It's purpose was to hold a session every month where people would draw art for someone they were randomly assigned to, sort of like a secret Santa thingy, but every month.

I made the wonderful decision of making Demonfyre a co-founder, 'cause he invited a bunch of people and really got things moving, thanks a lot bro OUO

Anyway, the second session is already in progress, and will end April 2nd. Sadly, I've only had two out of six participants finish and submit their work when the deadline is nearly up. I know people can be busy and stuff, but I feel like my idea is going downhill.

My point is that if you have a DeviantART, have too much free time, or need some things to draw, I recommend you join. It would help me out a lot and feel like I've accomplished making a decent group on DA.

Aside from art for the sessions, there are also some folders where you can showcase some of your other art. Demonfyre came up with that idea.