Not sure if this should be here or not but if not, mod pls move to the appropriate forum, thanks! 8D

So, Lets discuss a bit about commission prices, I know not many of us are taking commissions but I think itll be nice to hear from people how much they are willing to pay as well. Now the only reason im bringing this up os because of 2 things,

1- I'm constantly told Im under charging, and
2- Ive seen some people put ridiculously high price for works that shouldn't be receiving that much...or in my opinion at least

Now, Im not saying those guys dont deserve it but, the quality that they produce are not even close to professional grade, but some of them are charging professional rate (poor lighting/ blending skills. sloppiness, Low res finish works, etc). Which makes me question myself.

So some of you know that my rates are USD30 for full body coloured commission. The reason I charge this rate is because I feel like my skills are not good enough to charge any higher and people shouldn't have to pay me anymore then that. So I think is reasonable, but lately Ive been observing a lot of prices artist are charging on DA for private commissions, and its making me wonder how they price it... Most of them I find to be ok, but there are some that are just way too high.

So I guess the question at hand is how would you determine how much your art is worth?