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    Hi all, nice forum! hope everyone is good. Not sure where to star by way of an introduction (im a little new to the whole forum thing) but here goes.

    I have always been into drawing and comic books from a young age, but sort of gave up on it as i got older and life got more serious hehe. Im now 23 and i got into anime and manga about a year ago, since then it has kind of re awakened my love for drawing. i have been drawing for about 3 months now, it has been going ok i think but there are still alot of areas that i need to improve on. anyway i thought it would be cool to join up here to get some to get some tips/advice and maybe exchange ideas with some like minded people

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    Hey! Welcome, welcome, welcome! The Critique Corner has REALLY helped me improve over the past 11 months. Good luck on your art journey! Can't wait to see your work!
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    Hi Benja, welcome to Manga Tutorials! It's good to hear you're getting back into drawing. It's tough sometimes getting back into the groove when you haven't been drawing in awhile... But anyways, aside from the Critique Corner, drop by the Drawing, Animation and Tutorials for any general drawing questions if you have any. : )

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    Glad to have you here! I hope you come to enjoy this place.


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