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    New Set

    @NWAP: None of the 2011 set were done in the groupboard, they all and ended in Sketchbook Pro 2011. Some finishing touches may have been added using Photoshop CS3.
    Also sure, I have a few things I've done in the GB and have never posted, I'll try and scrounge up a few in later posts. I'm just going up the years right now.

    @Matt: Haha, thank you, means a lot. 2011 was a really mechanical period for me, so I did a lot of mech stuff back then. And lol, brown guy, don't hear that one too often.

    @Cora: Oh man, you don't know how much agony that freaking cat, and the chestplate of the robot lady gave me. I think I spent at least two hours just on the chest, and maybe an extra hour on the cat, haha. Glad you like it.

    @Linz: Maaaan, I'm working on iiiit!

    @Sylux: What's the pay rate? If it's enough to get me a footlong sub every day of the week for the next 7 years, I'm all in.

    @Blue Dragon: Unfortunately, no. Well technically yes (?) I won the 2012 CCD Student Art Show with a piece that received 'Judge's choice' and 'Best in Show', which netted me a fat $500.
    I've been in/ applied for numerous sprouting indie projects as a concept artist, but none have gotten to the point of payment yet, it's just been promised royalty.

    Also if you want to know how I did the thumbnailing, go to this site:

    And the dude with the Union Jack is one of my most passionate pieces of 2011. It was a tribute piece to the Clement Suave (one of my --biggest-- influences) Tribute Challenge. I placed fifth:

    @JJ: Haha, yea, the smiley on the pouch is just a little nod to my avatar I've been using on Deviant Art that I made in MS Paint for the past 7 years or so. I use it other places occasionally.

    @GodS: hahaha, going hard in the paint for sure. Thanks mang.

    @Bya: AWOL ( Absent Without Official Leave ) means desertion essentially. The piece was entered into a contest mentioned in Blue Dragon's reply, and the point was to emulate the late Clement Suave's style as close as possible, and either make your own design, or recreate one of his own. And hahaha, the little robot? I don't even know how I came up with that, thanks :3
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