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    Lightbulb The Tall Man Saga: Chased

    In the general discussion forum, I posted a thread called the supernatural thread: Indrid Cold VS The Slender Man. This is because I was writing a few books about him. So I thought I should ask for critique and opinions on it to see how it's going, even if it is only the first chapter. So, without further stalling, I introduce Chased: The first installment in the Tall Man Saga.

    Chased - Chapter 1:

    Void. Nothingness. Empty Truths. Then pain. Unquenchable pain. How this all happened - I'm not even sure of anymore. This game, I've had enough of it. I just want out - I don't even care about the wish. All I want is my freedom - but backing out isn't exactly an option. It's going to take time, but I hope to gain whatever I lost back, and fast.
    -December 28th, 2002.
    Coming across an antique is rare, you know? Being the greedy person I am, I lunged at the opportunity to gain whatever was offered, but this time I wasn't really sure about having any gains whatsoever. All I knew was that I was entering dangerous territory. My name is Don Fountain, and I am eleven years of age. I have light-brown hair which is neck-length, and is straight toward the tips, but wavier toward the top of my head. I always wear my red sweater - some might call it my trademark. I am about 4 feet tall, and I weigh 82 pounds. My skin is pale white, and sometimes people joke about me being a ghost. As for my psyche, some may call me evil or demented. It may not look like it, but I have no fears or emotions. I never feel regret, remorse, happiness, sadness, or depression. The only pain I can bear is phsyical. This proves to be no challenge to me, as I have an instinct of defending myself from anything that comes within my range. Simply put, I'm the perfect soldier. That is, until I found this so-called treasure. A student from my school named Tristana followed me home from school one day, and showed me a few pages of research done by herself. I procceeded to ask Tristana why she came to me, even though I knew the answer. "Because you're the perfect weapon" she said, "you can protect anything or anyone without no problems at all." I thought for a second. Would I have any personal gains? Was she trying to trick me? My best bet was to take all of this treasure for myself, but how am I going to pull it off? "Nah, I'd rather not. Sounds boring." I lied as I shut the wooden door. If I go by myself, I won't owe anything to anyone. I turned around slowly, and walked into my living room to see my dad watching a news program. "Hey. What'cha been up to, Don?" asked my dad as I stepped into the room. "Not much dad, school was a bore." I said as I slipped off my black back-pack off of my sore back. "Oh, learn anything new?" my dad asked in the same tone he asked every single day. I struggled to smirk, to make sure this fake act went by perfectly, "Not really. I mean, I'm at the top of the school, anyway. I teach the teachers." My dad smiled, "That's great. My only dream is for you to succeed, Don." Hmph. I smiled again, just to keep the act up. If only everyone understood that I'm the only thing that matters. I decided to go upstairs, to change out of my boring uniform. I looked at myself in the mirror. No wonder everyone called me ghost. I undid my tie and pulled off my white shirt. After which, I unzipped my grey pants. I threw a blue over-sized t-shirt on to my torso, and I pulled up rough jeans over my boxers. Lastly, I grabbed my trademark red sweater and zipped it up over my blue shirt. Perfection. Now to get that so-called-valuable treasure. I stepped out of my room and slammed my dark-brown wooden door, after which I swiftly walked down my stairs. Hmm. The door to the living room was open. Guess I forgot to close it or something. "Dad. I'm going to a friend's house. I'll be back in an hour or two." I said, hoping he'd believe me. There was silence for a moment. "Which friend?" my dad asked in his boring tone of a voice. Crap. "Uhh...Brendon." I said in a not-so-convincing-voice. There was silence for a moment before my dad responded again, "Okay. Have fun!" So far so good. I slipped into black sneakers, and opened the front door of my house. I jogged over to my bicycle which layed on the side of the house, its metal shining in the scorching sun. I lifted up my right leg and jumped on to the bike, grabbing the handles before I reached the seat. I kept my left leg on the ground to keep my fragile balance while I set the correct gear. Alright, destination: wealth. I pedaled down the street at great speeds. The speed was chilling down my spine. My adrenaline was pumping beyond belief. This is the closest I've ever gotten to any emotion. The feeling of dodging cars while my blood was going crazy. Any, enough of this, I have to focus on where this place is. Hmm. Tristana said it was a place called Spaceless Forest, on account of the fact that the trees were all jammed together so close, and that not much animals existed in the forest. Now that I think about it, I feel as if I've been there before as a child...but I can't remember most of the experience, if there actually was an experience. Oh well, I'm guess I'm pretty close to it since Tristana said it was near the edge of town. Huh? looked to my right in amazement as the houses gradually became surrounded by trees. The deeper I went in, the less houses appeared and the more thin trees appeared. Hm. Guess this was the place. I abruptly stopped my bike, and stepped off of my bicycle. I took one look at the trees towering above my head. On account that they were grouped together, most of them managed to block out the sun, leaving only a few glimmering rays of sunlight to hit the floor. I took a few steps forward, hoping to see something of interest. Nothing. I started walking a little more into the forest, hoping the treasure wasn't too far off. Nothing. Guess I might as well start jogging. I was jogging for about twenty minutes before I felt like giving up. The deeper I went into the forest, the darker it became. Just as I was about to turn back, something caught my eye. A gigantic "O" with an "X" through it. I guess "X" marks the spot. With a little hesitation, I "scooped" the dirt from the strange sign, hoping to find something. Nothing. I dug deeper. Nothing. When I reached about two feet into the dirt, my fingers hit something. I gripped it with all ten of my pale fingers, and pulled back as hard as I could. Huh? It was only an eerie mask. There were slits for the eyes with purple paint surrounding the slits, a strange nose, and purple paint where the huge lips were. I guess it's considered an antique. Mask in hand, I ran to the other side of the forest, which only took about five minutes before I reached my bike. I hopped on and pedaled as fast as I could. Dad's going to be so pissed-off at me for being late. Oh well, guess we'll find out when I get home...
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