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    @JJ - Ah thank you c: gestures have become pretty fun now c:
    @Sylux - Yayay, thanks Sy!
    @Cora - ;w; thankssssss, the faces were rather fun to draw c:
    @Rebel - Yeah, I had a similar problem so I stopped inking quite a while back. It's easier just to invest in a cheap tablet and use a program like SAI/Photoshop to just lineart it there. If only sketchbooks had Ctrl+z :/
    @Toast - awww yeaaaah, flowy :3 thanks!
    @Linz - Thanks linzu c:

    Woo, sketchdump c: been doing a fair bit of... not human stuff recently O_O

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

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