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Thread: Cypress: 1 million Years in the Dungeon

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    Cypress: 1 million Years in the Dungeon

    I spent one million years in the dungeon grinding to become the very best pencil warrior. Here is a log of my journey so far.

    I entered the dungeon drawing lots of animus with semi-soft shading:

    But I was nearly slain by the demon of lighting composition and color. So I trained for 100 years in speed painting:

    And though I allotted many stat points to color theory and dynamics, the style demon still haunted my restless dreams. So I decided to explore more stylistic alternatives:

    Which led me to become smitten with value:

    And then I did some kawaii-weird stuff, to appease the lineart Gods:

    I even drew some BOOBIES (NSFW 18+) in a reckless attempt to slay the wyrm of realistic skintones:
    SPOILER! :

    And, in the end, I accomplished nothing short of becoming an incredible pervert (NSFW):
    SPOILER! :
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