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Thread: What pens to use?

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    Question What pens to use?

    I've been looking around the internet for the best pen to use when drawing manga. Copic Multiliner, Pigma Micron and Sharpies kept popping up but I don't know which ones to get.

    From what I've read, the Pigma Micron pens vary in quality but they all fade if you rub over them. I don't know much about the other two apart from the fact that Copics are really expensive and sharpies bleed a lot.

    Does anyone have experience with all three or can anyone point out pros and cons of each? Also, as they come in sets, which ones would you recommend?
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    I have no experience with Copics but I do know that they tend to be what a lot of pros use when inking, though they do tend to be expensive, and a lot of people also use Microns.

    I've bought a few Micron pens over the years, and they're really great tbh. I have drawing I inked from before 2009 with them, and the ink has held up great, it also dries instantly and I haven't noticed any fading, though you can expect that with almost any medium if you 'try' to rub it.

    Sharpies would be the lowest tier for inking anything as they do tend to bleed. The ink also has a certain sheen to it rather than the seemingly matte finish of Micron and Copic pens which use archival ink.

    In short:

    -If you have the money to blow and are serious about what you're doing, get Copic.
    -If you want a good quality marker and bang for your buck, get Micron.
    -Don't get Sharpie.
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    Thanks a lot and your reply was so quick! I think I might get some Pigma microns then. What set do you recommend me buying or should I only getg a few single pens?

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    Pigma microns work great. I would suggest buying the kit that has sizes 005 - 08, that will allow you to figure out which pens you like the most. If that's a little bit pricey then I'd personally recommend getting sizes 005, 02 or 03, and 08. It mainly depends on what line thickness you are looking for. In microns it goes smallest to largest by 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08.

    And the thing about copics - multiliners and their markers - is that they have a steep initial cost, but since you can refill their ink, replace their nibs, etc. they end up being cheaper than/ costing the same as most other pens and in the long run. I personally haven't used multiliners, although I'm hoping to get my hands on some soon.

    As for other brands, I know some artists - such as Adam Hughes - like using Faber-Castell pens, which are a bit cheaper than microns and typically easier to find in stores. I would stay away from prismacolor pens. I tried a set once and the ink wasn't even close to being black :/

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    Faber-Castell do work well. They last a fairly long time and don't bleed or smear at all.
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    Ya I've had my Faber-Castells since I was in 8th grade and now I'm graduated

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    Thanks a lot. I'll do a bit of shopping around on the internet and hopefully buy some to try very soon! You mentioned Faber-Castell but what particular pens are good for manga?

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    Faber-Castell PITT pens I think are what I used to use. Dickblick is probably one of the best places to shop for art supplies on the internet, a set of 4 Faber-Castell PITT pens on there costs $7, Set of 6 Sakura Pigma microns for around $11, and $30 for a set of 4 Copic multiliner SP pens.

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    If you are willing to spend some gwap, Copic pens are reaaalllyyy nice! Ive used colored Copic's, and those color very nicely, and they dont smudge or fade. Right now I'm using a "gray" set persay. From light gray, to dark gray, and a fine point pen; these work really nice as well.

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    Faber Castell are truly great for beginners, although for a first set for manga I'd actually reccomend the Sakura Micron SENSEI<<< set. It's got some nice variety and more for what you need than the equivalent in FC (for manga that is)

    Oh, and aren't Copic considered MARKERS? I've never seen a copic pen... they are sweet markers though, but are certainly pricey. But again, I know the markers, not the pens. Totally different function there.

    Oh, and get a nice, big brush pen for filling in huge amounts of black space... then a few more brush pens just because. (You will use them, I tell you the truth)

    What kind of brush pen? I actually prefer FC to micron, but that's just me. Maybe get one of each. (The one I use the most though is something that came from Japan... don't know how I got it or what it says *as I cannot read kanji* but it is the bomb. Smoothest lines, darkest black, and it hasn't run out yet. So maybe, try and find a brush pen that is actually from/made for Japan... you will not be disappointed)
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