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Thread: What pens to use?

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    Copic does make inking pens, as well as markers. And their markers are worth every goddamn penny, so much fun to color with.

    And instead of just a brush pen - which in my experience have always been kind of novel, and it's nice that you don't have to clean up but never something you'd really want to use on a finished piece - you might consider getting a watercolor brush and a nice bottle of india ink. If you have the money I'd recommend Windsor and Newton Series 7 Brushes, but almost any brushes that you find at your art store will work. As for ink almost any india ink is good, I think I use Higgins but am not 100% sure. I know some artists such as Jim Lee like to use something like this, and they just pour the ink on their paper and spread it out.

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    Regular brush pens can look streaky if you're trying to fill in a big area
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    Faber-Castell PITT pens I think are what I used to use. Dickblick is probably one of the best places to shop for art supplies on the internet, a set of 4 Faber-Castell PITT pens on there costs $7, Set of 6 Sakura Pigma microns for around $11, and $30 for a set of 4 Copic multiliner SP pens.
    I highly suggest PITT pens for dyeing and drawing fabrics. I have been using them to draw on canvas shoes for the last 6 years now, and the pigment has lasted me years of running around in rain puddles. However, they are not my favorite for working on paper, because the streak a lot and the brush tip is quite small to avoid streaking. The color range is also rather dark and saturated, so it's harder to do lighter, ethereal-themed work. They are good for bold, bright, crisp, and graphic stuff though.

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    Personally, I really enjoy Staedtler inking/technical pens. I think on a price point, they're fairly similar to Faber-Castell. I found Microns to be a little dry for me.
    I also recommend refillable pens, like a rapidograph, or dip pens. I've been using dip pens more than anything for inking lately, I use it with waterproof ink and it works quite well. It's also nice having such a wide array of nibs. It's a bit more to take care off and there's a small learning curve, but it works for me.

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