Unless otherwise noted in this thread, please follow the other rules in General Discussion. General Discussion rules are generally accepted as global rules.

Official Rules:
This place is only for posting your artwork to show off or get (kyaaa-kyaa, not so serious) comments. For critiques, post at the Critique Corner please.

Added: January 17, 2005
Anyone who takes credit for anothers artwork will automatically be banned. Not suspended - banned. No if's, and's, or butt's. There is no excuse for stealing someone else's work. Especially in an environment that promotes learning and improving your art skills.

Any other post will be deleted or moved depending on my mood or inferno's. Consider it being deleted though!

New Rules Added: December 7, 2005

1) When creating your thread, please make a specific title NOT a general one! For example, "My Art" is general (a no-no) while "Rio's Art" is specific (correct). This way, folks will know right away who posted the thread.

2) If you will have nudity in your images, make sure you note it in your thread title. Example: Rio's Art **Nudity Present!!!** or Rio's Art **NSFW**

3) If you already made a thread specifically for your art, you can revive it and post more artwork in it. We highly recommend this so folks can see your body of artwork at one go instead of manually searching through all the threads. Plus we get to see how you've improved over time. =)