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Thread: Voting for the return of the Artist Alley

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    Voting for the return of the Artist Alley

    'Sup guys.

    This is the thread where you can voice your opinions about the Artist Alley being brought back. This motion has been brought forth due to this thread:

    We need 10 votes FOR the motion to be carried.

    So, Artist Alley: For or Against?

    The more I thought about this thread the more I realised I should post a little synopsis of what the Artist Alley was.

    The Artist Alley was where you could make your own thread and post your art whether it was completed or a WIP. Critique wasn't mandatory and usually if you did want critique you'd have to ask for it. A lot of artists on MT used the Artist Alley as a personal gallery, sharing images and building a small fan base. Art trades would sometimes be set up with the artists then posted. Requests could also be taken and gift art was also created. The minimal rules for the Artist Alley allowed the artists to do what they do best; be creative. I personally have noticed a lack of posting from certain popular artists since the departure of the Artist Alley and it would be excellent if it could return so the artists who don't want/need critique can post and still contribute to the community.

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