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Thread: Album Artwork for a Metal Band

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    Behind you.
    *The white knight rides in*

    I'd be willing to help you guys out for free, no joke. And I won't sue you or anything. Let me know if you still need someone and I can sketch up a few ideas to send you.

    Do you want a more "techy" lookin' feel or something that's "conceptual/surreal"

    The only rights I would ask to reserve is for the use of them to show in my 4-H project, xD

    (@Sylux--- don't yell at me, it's a frickin' garage band!)
    "Make sure the room is brightly lit and stay far away from the TV."

    (Also, I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!)

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Man I was in a band once I know how it works

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    All right White Knight, i still need the help, you can use the sketches in your project too, we will put your name in the cd when we launch it.

    Let's talk by Private Messages.
    Hello, i've finally bought my new computer, but...i need internet, so...i'll be back in january. see ya.

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