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Thread: Anyone Here Read Any Other Comics Aside from Manga?

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    i didnt know u actual read that

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    Stupid Fox RULES!!! OvO Well i like to brag to my friends, i have a few that are also manga addicts, that there are other good comics, besides marvel,DC and manga. Some of what i read that aren't manga are: Spaghetti brothers, Scorpion, Divlja Magija(native comic so its in Serbian, in eng it means "Wild Magic"), Tin Tin, Alan Ford, Capes and fangs, Vincent & Van Gogh, Lotreks night adventures, Valeriant, W.E.S.T., Jeremaya and of course who hasn't read Hogar, Garfield, Private Billie, Snoopy and the rest of the small comics crew. It saddens me too say that many of these that are pretty awesome i didn't read a lot of chapters. We had a weekly magazine that had 170 pages OAO of famous comics. And now that it doesn't come out anymore, its a lot tougher for me to find them via the net. Plus it ain't the same feeling when you have that kind of paper in your hands and reading it of the screen.
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    Get Fuzzy and Foxtrot ftw.

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    OMG yes, Tin Tin is amazing. A bit racist, but amazing.
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