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    Regantorian Let's Plays; Baroque

    There are some games which just don't make any sense no matter how hard you try and pick them apart. Be they intentionally confusing, mind-bogglingly horrible, only available in a foreign tongue, or all of the above, there is just something baroque and alien about how they even got funding to be made in the first place.

    Reg loves those kinda games.

    Baroque, latin for "Deformed Pearl", is a game for the Sega Saturn, released only in Japan in 1998, the same year as the system died in the US. It's a survival horror RPG and a roguelike, from a first person point of view, with really quite heavy horror themes sitting bob skeleton ontop of some really quite absurd and silly antics.

    You play as a cloned angel zombie construct type thing, who is charged with climbing to the top of the Neuro Tower and putting an insane god out of his misery. The world is not as it once was, to say the least, warped and disfigured beyond any resemblance of reality. But the Neuro Tower is the very epicenter. The bottom of the pit. Home to the greatest horrors and the most twisted secrets.

    And spines. Tasty spines and meats, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I can't promise I'll lay it out for you. Reg cannot script, or read japanese for that matter. But I have a IRL Saturn and a video card, and you can come along for the ride...

    ((Note; These videos contain levitating booger manboobs to say the least. I would highly recommend against playing them straight towards your parents eyeballs or in work.))

    Part one; Tasty Spines
    SPOILER! :

    Part two; Snake Wheels and Booger Moobs
    SPOILER! :

    Part three; Flappy Shoulder Jaw
    SPOILER! :
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