So something I find weird is,that I have very rarely been drawing because of things like school,anime,etc(procrastinating if you will),and I pretty much draw something at least 3 times....a month...if its a good month/day.

Though when I started really getting into anime/manga and drawing (2 years ago),I watched tutorials etc and practiced non stop.I did that for about 3 months and didn't improve much.So I got into anime,I think at the time it was One Piece to Naruto to Bleach to FairyTale To Hitman Reborn,etc...

And about the time after that 3 month period and then maybe a month of not drawing at all,due to anime and school(other factors here),I.then started to draw.And as weird as it was,I got better.Now every now and then I would refrence a few things,like for proportions,but for the most part,I stopped "practicing" and anime was somehow,teaching me.So I was wondering if this is normal...I just finished "Stein's Gate"(great Anime),and haven't drawn for about a month or more now. And did a quick body sketch,which usually takes me awhile.Yet I free handed it,and did a clothes design sketch within 30 seconds,and it usually takes me about 10 minutes

*Numbers May not be all that acurate,though I hope everyone gets where I'm coming crom*

Just want to discuss this.