Hey guys,

I am new to this site I spent a lot of time on deviantArt hoping to find some people to talk about anime drawings and recieving honest critics, but after I realized that most people there just want to show off their own art I decided to look for something new - and I found you guys ;-)

I have a lot of problems drawing hair for my characters, and it always turns out looking weird.
I try to give the streaks a natural look by adding smooth curves. This always works out pretty well, but it still looks like somebody just took a stapler and pinned every single one to the head (which pretty much describes how I draw hair )

Do you have any suggestions how to improve that? I want to give it a more natural look, so you don't notice the single streaks so much.
This is the picture I am talking about: http://co0n.de/pics/anime.jpg

It's still WIP and the lines are not complete yet, so please don't mind the other mistakes!

Looking forward to your comments

PS: sorry for mistakes, english is not my native language!