hehehe ohhh thank you both so much for the tips and crits, i've decided to make my next study about dynamic poses!!

sooo it's time for MC's three-day intensive workout!!!! this workout is something i plan to start doing more regulary. i need to build some dicipline!!! my attention span is short and i can never concentrate more than 3 days on one subject. that's why i plan a 3 day workout, and i demand myself to see a result after those three days of intensive practice!
1) explore already acquired knowledge and boundaries
2) discover and learn
3) apply gained knowledge, evaluate and compare.

step 1, explore already acquired knowledge and boundaries. this is the least intensive day, just a warming up you might say, doodling about and find my boundaries. this step is very critical though, since it will help me discover where my knowledge stops and what i have to practice on.


next day get on to the serious business!! \0/