@ gaff: ahh sadly yes it was a bit too late, i had to hurry for the deadline so i hadn't had the change to read and concider your reply :c though thank you so much for taking the time to reply any way :3 and hehe yess i always got problems to make legs look detailed, so hard to come up with nice sweet details for legs D:

@ demon: hmmm totally true, i had fixed it for the final version, thank you for mentioning :3 hehe yes i should draw more smooth drawings but i'm always too lazy to come up with an interesting pose, simple standing people are much more simple to do for me XD buuuuuuut i got sketches with more complex poses, i might want to upload them any time so people here can also see some of my traditional art c:

for now a standing person with stiff pose again, because i wanted to reply to lovely reactions and this is the only thing i got to upload now, which has finishing potential XD ~

i always got a lack of inspiration on backgrounds. normally i fill them with patterns or simple creatures and leafs, so if anyone got suggestions i'll gladly hear them :3