hello everyone! my name is Evelyne, a 16 years old dutch person who likes to illustrate :3 (meaning i'm not a native english speaker, so please forgive me for some miserable mistakes i might make in my posts XD ) i'm also known on the interwebs as either MC -mysterycookie- or Callesthe, or for some, both apply ^^

deviantart -> http://callesthe.deviantart.com/

i am finally able to make an account on these forums (as the previous website somehow wouldn't allow me) after the Demonfyre finally convinced me to try once again!

i've only recently started to draw seriously, about a bit more than half a year ago. before that i had off and on periods of drawing actively, but there was not really a need for me to improve; no studies at that time.

i'm currently thinking of following an art-psychology combined course after i finished high school. for now i need to draw as much as possible while combining school but i hope this forum will stimulate me to do more studies next to drawing scenes from my story i'm working on :D

so well... here i am, i guess :3 for any questions please don't be afraid to ask, i'll try to answer them as much as i can~