title: Your fallen god.
Plot: It's the year 2900 and mankind has survive. The earth is now a utopia disease, hunger, crime, racism and even war itself are a thing of the pass. We can now live forever, because of this religion is all but gone and the idea of a God. With the advances in technology, humans have the power to turn matter into energy and energy into matter, but mankinds' next step is to create something out of noting and become gods them self. During the crucial experiment that would turn mankind into gods. The real god starts the apocalypse, but unlike the story of religions, humans aren't helpless. It's discovered that the are armies of heaven and hell are made up of pure energy, with this knowledge the humans use their advance technology to turn all the angel and demons into their physical form. Thus allowing the humans to fight back. 7 years into the war lucifer has killed god and now humans are left to defeat the 7 arch angel, lucifer, the 4 horse men of the apocalypse, and many more untold foes. Mankinds' only hope now are 4 of the 8 heroes that rose from the failed experiment.

still working on the first chapter