Okay, so two things I see off the bat here Sy:

1) You guys haven't met in person yet.
2) Your 'V' status.

Don't take offense to #2. It's awesome when someone (for whatever reasons) have not been detoured from accomplishing shit because of sex & I'll tell you why. Once you have, chances are it's gonna be all you wanna do for a while. But, with all that pent up energy...it's easy for someone to confuse love with the infatuation that Gunz was referring to.

Black Shagg analysis: You're not in love. Again...this is purely my opinion...and you can take it or leave it.

Seems to me, that you've met a really great girl online & need to explore the newfound parameters of the rapport that you two have created. Its easy to talk to folks over the web. Hell, people wind up sharing very personal tidbits about their live with total strangers because it's safe & anonymous. When faced with the challenge of a IRL encounter...shit gets, no pun intended, real.

Were I you, I'd meet her in person & see if your feeling about the persona portrayed online is genuine....errr...& see if she's hot if that even matters. It shouldn't though. Once you've done this, then you can decide if want to start building a real relationship that might ultimately lead to love. I don't believe that two people can fall in love off rip without learning about each other first.

But that's my two cents. In the end, you're on your own dude & you'll have to meet her eventually anyways so, get it done.

One more thing: So what your ex had 'issues'. If that's the way she chose to loose her virginity, then she doesn't (isn't) have much self worth. That doesn't mean all women are the same.