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Thread: Namedesc.= E-tan

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    Namedesc.= E-tan

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    Hello, my name is Ethan
    I am 13 years old.
    I have been drawing since I was 7.
    And I would really give you people my drawings if mom will give me a scanner.
    I love sweets, I love to draw girls, I am a (some kind of)pervert, I am a perfectionist in drawing, and I love piano music and dubstep and electronic music.
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    I hate control freaks who call me weird, I hate it when violence is wrongfully used in art and anime (demonic and malicious and evil art that makes you look like an anti-christ, I hate art of unpleasantness that puts you right off your breakfast, I hate people who have moral errors.
    >commence postnewthread operation = progressing
    My reason to show up here is, maybe you people will understand me
    >commence postnewthread operation = Complete (I love making comments that looks like it got copied from a programming)

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    the preakness

    My reason to show up here is, maybe you people will understand me
    sorry you've come to the wrong place

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    Hey, welcome to MT!
    Quote Originally Posted by Demonfyre View Post
    She has spoken and so we must obey!

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    Hey E-Tan, welcome to Manga Tutorials! That's definitely an interesting introduction. I think they're still allowing entrants but if you like drawing girls, try out for the SaiMoe contest.


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