I broke up with my first girlfriend when I was, like, 11 I think. I admit that any relationship before you find out what your weiner for probably doesn't count, but the reason I remember it so well is because how funny it was. I called her that day fully intending to break up with her. She answered the phone, and then told me we needed to talk.

After she broke up with me I said, "This is great. I was planning on breaking up with you, as well!" and she became extremely upset. How could you break up with me? Don't think you think I'm pretty?

Anyway, the reason I bring this is is because I saw her the other day at work. This is only a little bit strange, because we went to the same schools until sophomore year when I moved about 30 minutes away to Baytown. Despite the drive being relatively short, I didn't see many people from my old town very often. They had a much closer, better Best Buy right around there.

We exchanged the typical pleasantries you usually do when you haven't seen anybody for a while. She was looking for a camera, and I was just learning about cameras so I joked about how I wasn't going to be much help. She must have picked up that I wasn't happy about having to sell cameras instead of working in video games (where I was before), and she hinted that her work was hiring. After the sale she slipped me a business card and that was that.

I end up with a lot of business cards from pyramid schemers, network marketers, and product representatives; My trash can is full of them. This one founds its way into my wallet.

I was pretty disappointed when the website on the card didn't exist. Also disappointed in myself for not even asking what her company actually did. Firewalk Fuels sounds like a propane company, and thanks to King of the Hill I figured I would have a slight advantage in grasping the basics, I tell you h'what.

When I called the number I got a machine, but it said to only leave a message if I was an applicant.

Should I leave a message or what?