As posted in the main site:

Did you ever look at the Manga Tutorials logo and wonder…. “Who’s saying ‘Manga Tutorials!!’?” Well, now’s your chance to create your idea of who’s saying our name! Is it a monster? A crowd of people? A baby? A robot? Draw what you think is saying “Manga Tutorials!!” and send your submission in today!

1. Your entry must be an image in either gif or png file format.
2. Entry must have a transparent background.
2. Submission must have the “Manga Tutorials!!” logo included within the image.
3. Entry must be a max of 500 x 320 pixels.
4. You may draw anything – even fan art! – just as long as it is not inappropriate. (ex/ hentai, violent and gruesome, promotes hate, etc.)
5. You may enter as many artwork as you want.
6. Animated images are acceptable.
7. Entry must be drawn and made by you. Taking someone else’s work and slapping our logo on it will NOT be accepted.
8. The Manga Tutorials logo may be moved but the size must remain at least 320×52 pixels.
9. If you have the skill to do it, the tail of the speech bubble may be adjusted; rule #8 will not apply if you do this.

Please send your submission(s) to Rio via the email form below or PM in the forum. The deadline is Sunday, March 31, 2013 11:59pm EST (GMT -5). If you have a website, please send that along as well if you like. Aliases are fine if you prefer not to use your real name.

Winners are unlimited. I will judge based on skill, creativity, fun, cuteness, or craziness. I will basically be posting winning logos at the top of this website every week, bi-weekly, or longer depending on how many entries win starting sometime in April. I will be posting info about each winning logo as they get posted from the creator and their website, if any. If you have any questions, reply below.

Good luck!