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Thread: Manga Names

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    Behind you.
    Or gimp... it's free

    And please, call this a logo?
    "Make sure the room is brightly lit and stay far away from the TV."

    (Also, I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!)

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    It's not a logo, it's an outline for a comic, read previous posts.

    As for making names I feel like you are honestly better off laying them out on paper, but if you insist on doing them on the computer I would just use a free program like ms-paint - or if you have a mac I'm sure there are plenty of free drawing apps on the Mac app store-, Gimp, Open Canvas (I think it is free for an older version), etc.

    Paint tool sai would be a good choice too, and you can find that for free if you know where to look.


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