Manga Name: Fukanodesu(subject name to change)
Synopsis: Hanadora Takashi, a fifteen year old, second-year, school drop-out who goes through a number of dangerous events that are closely related to the suspicous behavior of the students that surrounds two others attending Benoto Akari High, the school he's now transferred as a student aid as after a car accident, the dissapearance of his best friend, and yet...

Hello all! I'm Tthedragon as you can see! I'm new here, but I'm desperately searching for some help. To any manga "arteest" out there, either amateur or not, consider this! For some time now, I have been planning and planning to work on my very first manga, Fukanodesu(name subject to change). I had begun concept art then actual comic panels, but it was taking a deathly long time. My art skills are..I guess..fine, but the time it takes me to create a good drawing is riduculous.

After the third re-write, I'm proud to know that the story is finished(or is it), and now, I want to stop sitting idly. I'm seeking an artist(s)who is a little bit experienced with facial expressions and poses, but it is fine either way. Background artists is also a must. Along with joining in on the project, I shall also be working side-by-side with you on inking and panels, so nothing too big will rest on you. I also plan to animate it in an episodic or OVA length in the future, and perhaps publish it, so no matter what, if you help me, maybe not during the creation of the manga, but eventually, you will get payed for all your hard work. =D I guarantee that.

Despite all the genre's listed, it really is just a Mystery, Horror. Or is it? It's not what you think. If you have any questions regarding the offer or the manga's story and production, shoot!