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Thread: bfreeman0 Here :)

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    Red face bfreeman0 Here :)

    My love of all things Anime and Manga started 5 years ago. Watched a countless number of episodes of Naruto, but never really looked at any other. Then life happened and for 4 years I never once looked at a single episode of any Japanese related art.

    Now fast forward to about three weeks ago, my mate started talking about watching Fairy Tail. Since then I've read and watched Fairy Tail and Fullmetal Alchemist, and have started doodling again.

    Can't wait to see what this community has to offer!

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    Welcome to Manga Tutorials, bfreeman! Looks like you're into shonen titles. Have you picked up on One Piece, Bleach, Toriko and the other popular shonen titles yet? Or are you still busy trying to catch up to the other series still? Either way, looks like you have a lot to catch up on. XD

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    Hey! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! Glad you could join us!
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