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Thread: NEWBIE ^_^

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    NEWBIE ^_^

    Hi I am New on this Website

    I enjoy reading manga and watching anime

    I am useless at drawing and found this website while looking for tips on how to draw manga... hopefull mine will get better

    i am willing to learn and hope that i can from other people on this site

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Hey! Welcome to MT. Don't be so down on yourself. You're not useless or worthless at anything. Everything has value. One of my favorite quotes growing up was from Men in Black: persons are smart, people are stupid. The people are stupid part doesn't have much to do with anything here, but persons are smart, and everybody is bright and intelligent in their own way. You picked a pretty good site to join. It is also good that you have hope, and hopefully drive. Stick to art, and you will become a master in time.

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    Yeah, don't put yourself down! No one's an expert when they first start. Try out the Critique Corner! There are a lot of great artist there that can help you improve! And, welcome to MT! I'm glad you could join us!
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    Hi~ Welcome to Manga Tutorials.

    Do hit up the Critique Corner as mentioned, but check out the other areas too like the Drawing, Animation & Tutorials for any questions relating to those topics and if you want, do join any of the events going on at the site.

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