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Thread: Moving out

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    Moving out

    I'm wondering if i should move out, i just made this thread to see what other people think about this, and how it is like for them to have moved out, living on your own etc.

    I'm 18 almost 19, my college honestly isn't that far from home or anything(45 min. one way)... but i feel like i should become more independant and i want more freedom and in order to do that i would need to move out, but it's so expensive.. i deff. will need to have to take a loan, so yeah.

    What are some other pro's and con's of moving out you know?

    I don't think there's a thread for this already...i think
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    ya it can be really really expensive. u gotta pay for electricity, water, internet, rent, food and a whole other buttload of butt-things. That being said, I too am considering going to school in BC, so im gonna have to move out if thats the case so we are in the same boat here puuchan

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    Pros: Freedom
    Cons: Freedom, severe lack of funds unless you have a stable job with good pay
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    I have not left home yet, and probably would not if I were in your shoes. I completely understand your desire for more freedom, I truly do, but I would only move out I were financially stable enough to do so. In my opinion, a little more personal freedom is only worth it if you can afford it. Keep working and save up so that you don't need a loan. Also apply for financial assistance if any is available to you, as HB mentioned.

    In addition, don't be blindsided by the expenses of living on your own. The big ones are pretty obvious, but the little ones can add up fast. Try to imagine what living on your own would be like, and make a list of everything you think you would need to spend money on regularly. Add things that might only be once in a while occurrences. Everything. Find out how much they would cost, prioritize them and figure out what you could afford and what you would be happy doing without. A little financial planning can go a long way. Also, SAVE everything you can (within reason). This becomes much more difficult to impossible when you're living on your own and going to school, so do as much as you can while you're still at home.

    For example, my current situation:
    live at home, pay $250 rent monthly
    spend $150-$200 monthly on transportation, dining out, personal hygiene, entertainment (a movie, art supplies, etc.), miscellaneous expenses (postage stamps, etc.)
    remaining balance (usually $200-$300) goes into savings

    My savings are divided into short-term savings (emergency expenses, taxes, or large purchases) and long-term savings (retirement, tuition, REALLY big purchases). Thankfully, I do not currently have to pay for health-insurance, utilities or a cellphone. Even though my daily life might be a little more restricted by rules and generally sharing a household with other people who drive me insane, the financial benefits allow me much more freedom in my spare time. Just some things to keep in mind.

    Edit: Also, get on Skype. D: <
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    It may be a bit expensive but imo it was worth moving to a place of my own. I moved when i was 20, and I think that it helped me grow up (at least a little bit). I'd recommend you move out, as long as you find something at a reasonable price
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    To put it bluntly, freedom isn't free at all. But you're free to do whatever the hell it is you want but (but be prepared to face the consequences of whatever you do). I say go for it.

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    Pro: you can do what ever you want within your means.
    Cons: you are on your own. . . even if you have a roommate.

    If you had a roommate that would be paying half the household costs you could possibly make it easier on yourself. There is many things to consider with a rookie tho like are they reliable? Stranger? Friend? Family member? Are they mentally stable?

    Idk how it is where you are but here they require a deposit for the house, utility's like water gas garbage electricity, cable, Internet.
    You need furniture, dinner wear, household products, personal products.
    Can you cook? Cooking for yourself is usually cheaper than eating out so if you are strapped for cash you really need to be able to cook.
    Would you feel safe being home alone?
    Moving out wouldn't be just a physical thing it's a mental thing as well. Can you handle the stress of being on your own? Can you trust yourself to be responsible and sacrifice when needed to get things done?
    To me moving out is a great thing to further yourself as an adult but if you do it to FORCE yourself to grow up then its a mistake. You must realize everything is on you and have a plan of action in place or you will be in for some hard times ahead.

    What are the terms of the loan?

    I am in the same boat to a point. Except I want to move out but there's always something holding me back.
    SPOILER! :
    In a few months my sister and her fiancé want to move into a house across from his parents house (they own if and rent it to his older brother but he will be moving when his wife comes back from Korea.) and they want me to move with them. I want to but I pay rent at home and I know its a big help out to my dad because my mom doesn't work. So if I take my income out then things may be real tight for them here.

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    Doesn't everyone know to cook? I don't know in other places but in here most people know to cook at least basic stuffs (smashed potatoes, rice, spaghetti, meat, vegetables).

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    Imma go ahead and give you an alternative view. <:

    I'm 21 and I haven't moved out nor do I want to any time soon. I live in an apartment with my mother, who is barely in and has given me all the freedom I have ever desired. I have a stable job, but the pay isn't exactly great. I don't need to pay rent but I do have to pay for my own food and cook it. I am financially responsible and do not rely on my mother to pay for anything bar rent~. I clean and do my own laundry. My mother is more like a housemate than a parent in that respect. I guess I have an ideal set-up.
    I sense it is freedom you desire, as stated before, moving out may not do that, in fact it could hindrance you in other ways. For example, you wont have freedom financially, there will be a fuckton of bills to pay, and they're not cheap. You also have to consider any unknown variables like your heating breaking down, a smashed window cause a tree fell in. Would you be able to afford that? You'll have to do your own laundry, your own food shopping, your own cleaning. No parents or siblings to help.
    Still staying at home when you're in your twenties is a common occurrence these days. House and rent prices are going up and wages are going down which makes things extremely difficult. I'd say that if you go to Uni, look into student accommodation. You have the freedom you want, but it isn't as harsh as going straight into a new apartment alone. It may give you a taster without bombarding you too much.


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