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Thread: Character appearance - colour palettes?

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    Unhappy Character appearance - colour palettes?

    How do you guys choose a character's appearance and their colour palette? I'm trying to decide the colours for a certain character and I'm coming up with nothing :C I can't even choose her hair colour. I usually get an idea for hair colour automatically, but for this character whatever colour I choose is too similar to the other characters. Can you guys tell me what methods you use to choose colours for a character?

    More info on my chara:
    Name: Satsuki Umeda
    Role: Best friend of FMC
    Personality/Bio: Happy-go-lucky, romantic, superstitious, no common sense but good at studies, pretty and popular in school, chased by boys, gets dumped every 2 months, low self esteem
    She's kind of inspired by the character Minorin from Toradora.
    Hairstyle: Mostly ponytail, short, straight

    I'm willing to choose non-natural colours too. I'm leaning towards pink but it doesn't seem to suit her. The other characters: Mei (FMC) has red/orange hair (may change) and the mean best friend Ume has dark blue hair.

    If you want me to draw them, I'll try my best and show you guys!!

    Thank you!! :)

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    blonde hair. blondes are super dumb in western sterotyping.

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    It really depends on the kind of seires and the drawing style. Moe anime tend to rely on differantly coloured hair because the character's faces are quite similar, but getting away with using the exact same pallatte for the entire cast is possible if you make them look individual enough.

    Personally, I much prefer the second option. People don't identify their freinds purely by hair colour...

    But if you really want to go down the straight 'regular' moe manga/anime route, which by your previous choices I asume you are, don't be afraid to go brown, black or a more standard blonde just to create a contrast anyway. Without more knowlage of your overall planned colour scheme, it's hard to say much more than that.

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    Thank you! My series is actually slice of life shoujo with some drama elements but I'm leaning towards having some colourful characters rather than have natural hair colours. I didn't mean to use the same palette for all my characters, I want to use a different palette for each charatcer. I'm still trying to choose palettes for the other charatcers but I at least have hair colours for them to start with.

    I was just wondering if there is a specific purpose to the choice of colour according to what we see in popular series. Some trends I've noticed so far:
    1. Older shoujo manga main characters were usually given blonde hair to make them stand out
    2. They usually give kuudere characters cool-ish colours except green (blue, grey, white, black) to give the character a 'cold' feeling
    3. Important side charatcers that appear later in the manga usually get red hair, etc (this is just a trend I've noticed, I find this a lot but maybe I'm just picking up useless info?)
    4. Main guy characters for shonen series are usually brown haired so they're more relatable to young male readers
    5. Sometimes main characters in shoujo series have brown hair too, to make them relatable
    6. Then there are conventions for magical girl charatcers but I don't even want to get into that topic...

    Basically, the way your charatcer looks influences the way the character feels about them. So I was worried about making my own charatcers too...

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    You sound like you have this all figured out man. Go for it.

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