Hey guys. I'm estimating that 25% of the MT community remembers me, IF I'm lucky. I've tried quite a few times to revive myself on here but, paradoxically, I keep dying because life keeps getting in the way. Imagine that.

Anyway, I had a question for everyone. I love this forum so much that I used to be a moderator on here with an excessively long art thread. Since college, I haven't been active online and only what with my recent graduation have I been able to get back on the interwebz. I will stay on here if I can start an art thread without flaunting artwork and actually critiqueing other people but does anyone know of other active art forums? Perhaps ones not focused on anime and manga? I'll rephrase this:

Are there other artistic forums that you may frequent or just have seen that are alive with a decent amount of members and activity?

I sincerely appreciate any replies to this thread and thanks for your time. To those who recognize me :hug: