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    Might as well be me

    Hi there, I guess no one has posted anything here yet so it may as well be me to get things off the ground. My name is Blaze Arcana D'Cruzere and I NEED HELP!!! I am fairly decent at drawing characters but for some reason my backgrounds all turn out wrong. I have been wanting to create a webcomic for some time now but have been unable to get a weekly or even a MONTHLY release out because it take so damn long for me to draw even ONE page of a manga. I am currently looking for people who have experience working in Manga studio and other related programs. I would also welcome a skilled pencil artist and someone capable of drawing diverse backgrounds. Note I am looking for a semi-long term partnership and people who are patient but can keep me on task. I would like to do maybe a weekly page release at first and see where we can go from there. Also note that this will be non-profit at first but who knows maybe we can make some money off of this in the long run. Look forward to seeing your responses...I

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    Do you have an idea/story for this web comic you would like to make? if so can we get a summary of the story or read a bit of it to get a feel for what you are going for?

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    The story is called Dragon and it revolves around a man who refuses to give up on the city he grew up in, even though the cops have vacated the city and it is now run by the mafia. His wife who has connections to a major electronics corporation gives him a prototype of a cybernetic eye codenamed dragon's eye. The eye allows him to see in infrared,thermal, ultraviolet, etc. He takes to the streets to take back the city as the mysterious enforcer, Dragon and along the way has to associate himself with certain mafia clans in order to achieve his ultimate goal of bringing peace back to the city of Enigma.

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    Why does the wife have connections at a major electronics company?
    Why does she have the prototype in a place where its basicly unprotected and can be used for evil if taken?
    Why does she give him somthing that allows him to go out and be reckless and possibly get him killed?
    What is an electronic eye ball that can see in infrared thermal etc going to do against a bunch of guys probably with guns and things that hurt eyeballs?
    Why is the wife in a city that is lawless if she has such connections?
    How is he going to take all these gangs down exactly?
    What abilitys does he have that will allow him to acomplish all this?

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    1.) The wife is vice president of a large family-run electronics corporation, when her father was killed by the mafia she assumed the role as president until the corporation fell due to the city's fall.
    2.) It's not unprotected, it's in an ultra secure underground laboratory which only a few employees have access to. When the corporation fell the wife deleted all access codes besides her own. This was not the only secret location she did this with.
    3.) Because she knows her husband, he'll just go out and do it anyway, so she gives him a device to reduce his chances for getting killed.
    4.) because it's ORGANIZED crime, the men he deals with are not the low tier hit men and thugs but the bosses. As for what the eye does, since he can see through walls and even buildings it allows him to observe people without putting himself in harm's way.
    5.) because of the house they live in, I guess I worded it wrong the city isn't lawless it's run by warring mafia gangs, but the house is almost entirely underground. Harry's father was obsessed with security, so instead of being a large above ground house it's a 8 story underground house. when things began going downhill Harry installed top-of-the-line security systems including biometric scans, 56 key passwords, and even a musical lock. She is perfectly safe.
    6.) Again, bad wording on my part, he isn't going to take down the mafia per sey but rather befriend the ones he sees promise in, and use those alliances to wipe the others away. HE is attempting to establish a governing body which the people can have faith in.
    7.) Ability wise Harry has an exceptional mind with a knack for reasoning. He also has an infectious aura that you can trust him even when you KNOW you shouldn't. Harry also has extensive training in martial arts and other means of fighting. He is versed in many firearms AND most martial weapons. However he DOES have a dark side. When the city first fell into chaos, Harry was in the city trying to find a friend of his when he saw a child get killed by a stray bullet, now whenever he witnesses a violent crime, he loses it and goes completely blood-drunk for the perpetrators.

    FYI thanks for bouncing these ideas around with me.


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