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Isn't it weird to state: "you shouldn't have a big ego as a beginner" and then say "but its okay, we all had it in the beginning". It would make more sense saying "we all have placed our ego in the beginning, but we had to move it away".
No I don't think it's a weird statement, but I guess that I should have included my definition of what being a beginner is. Being a beginner is a phase that starts the moment that you decides to learn drawing. (Everyone draws when they are kids, so I'm not counting that as being a beginner). The whole beginner phase is dominated by COMPLEXITY. You read and hear about stuff like figure drawing, gesture drawing, perspective, value, sketching, line drawing, inking, focal points, texture, rendering, sub surface scattering, caustics, volume, contour drawing, negative and positive space, composition, flow, mood, balance, rule of thirds, warm colors, cool colors, local value, hues, shading, tints, gamut, cel shading, realism, study, aesthetics, rhythm and much much more. But, you see can't make sense of it, you don't understand the basic underlying ideas that connect it all. It's like a giant puzzle, and it's all very frustrating and intimidating. At some point however, you will start to see traces of the fundamentals here and there, and that's when you can really start to learn. Since this is all based on my experiences, let's have me as an example. I started to learn drawing when I was 16, but I didn't start to understand until about 12 months ago, at the age of 22. So basically it took me 6 years to push through the beginner-phase.

When I realized this I started to think about what I could have done better as a beginner, because I believe that it's possible to finish this phase a lot quicker. So I compared what I'm doing different now to what I did when I started out. The results of this analysis are presented in the list in the first post. Most of the advice is designed to compliment each other, for example if you don't balance "Be honest" with "Be confident" it probably won't work out.

But yeah, I think quite a bit faster than I'm able to type, so please continue to ask for clarification if things I say doesn't seem to make sense to you =)