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Thread: Figure Drawing Resource

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    Figure Drawing Resource

    So I found this awesome website today:

    It's a really neat figure drawing site that will give you great photos to practice gesture drawing or, you know, just figure drawing in general. You can choose gender of model, whether they are clothed or not, and how long you want the photos to be spaced etc. So you could do some 30 sec gestures or 2 min. ones (apparently that's how high it goes). Anyway it's pretty cool and I wanted to share it with you guys, but I couldn't figure out if there was already a thread with just nice resources. Enjoy.

    This site is also really good for figure drawing:

    It's similar, but the poses can go up to 10 minutes or, if you're doing the "class mode", up to 30.

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    Here is an other decent one;

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    I swear, I already shared these but nobody clicked them.

    EDIT: I did, here it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sylux View Post
    This guy has tons of cool shit on his site, especially in his Resources page. You should all check him out, he's awesome and I love him and his art is great and he's a great teacher.
    Anyways so yeah all these sites are pretty much the same. I downloaded every single pose from all of them and ended up with several hundreds of duplicates.
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