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Thread: Mangatutorials Saimoe League 2013 [Season 1] Extended till 3rd march

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    Mangatutorials Saimoe League 2013 [Season 1] Extended till 3rd march

    ITS BACK! Well pretty much this is the registration page for Season 1. The Rules are pretty much the same with just one new added rule to ensure that this year we keep up with the competition schedule. Also I added a few other mini event/contest just like last years "Swimsuit Edition" in between seasons . Anyway I'm just gonna list down the new stuff and other announcements below. Be sure to check out the thread for updates!

    New Rules
    - If a tie should happen in any of the matches, The winner of that round will be decided via guest judges. Once a decision has been made then its final. We will judge every piece as fairly as we can. Judges will constantly change for ever voting round"if possible".

    Time and date of submission + First round
    - Submit by 28 February
    - Round Begins 2 March

    2013 Schedule
    - TBA

    Follow this simple steps then you should have no problem :3
    - Firstly, you must fill this in
    Name[nickname etcetc]:
    Number of Oc's:

    - Secondly, This is how you should submit your entry

    Well this is pretty much the best example to follow. Or you can Do it like this:

    Well either way is fine so yeah. You can do it whatever way you want to but be sure all the above information is inside :3.

    - Lastly, You may either PM me your entry or Email it to me @

    Pretty simple right ? WELL WATCHA WAITING FOR?!?!? START REGISTERING!!
    PS: If you have any further questions just pm me


    - Matt -1
    - Cora -1
    - JJJorgie -1
    - GED! -1
    - Toast -1
    - Reg -1
    - Myrmidon - 1
    - Demon - 1
    - Brando- 1
    - ICCY - 1
    - Void- 1
    - Blue-Dragon - 1
    - Rebel - 1
    - Black_Shaggie -1
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    I really want to do this, but last time i didn't get anything done on time. I'm gonna register and try... hopefully it'll go better this time?

    1 OC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonfyre View Post
    She has spoken and so we must obey!

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    Yay here we go again!


    1 OC
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    I'd rather you see my tumblr because there's more stuff there

    1 OC i guess

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    1 OC.

    Edit: You probally already just logged these and moved on, but I went back and finally fixed my old DA... It's been, like, three years, sitting idle... Yeah. x_x
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